("All things are yours")

This e-Learning VBT ('Video Based Training') Training for Territorial Dominion will help you:

*Restore your mind to original divine settings.

*Take your rightful place in life and destiny.

*Identify your God given sphere and territory.

*Articulate and apprehend God’s will for your life.

*Possess the gates of the enemies.

*Access your assigned territory.

*Take over your assigned territory with God’s power and agenda.

*Manifest and enforce God’s power and God’s will over your field/over your sphere and much more.

“... Everything is already yours as a gift. The world, life, death, the present, the future – all of it is yours and you are privileged to be in union with Christ, who is in union with God.”  

1 Corinthians 3:21-23 (The Message Bible)


This is the Creator God’s determination for you and I as His ambassadors and special envoy.

You have been ordained to influence change and sit over the spheres of society, in the nations of the world. God’s purpose in you, is God’s agenda for your world.


The cultures of society can be articulated into seven sections; commonly referred to as The Seven Pillars of Society or The Seven Mountains of Influence or The Seven Territories of Authority:


Arts and entertainment.


Each person born of God has a preordained calling as the light that rules these mountains.

You have been ordained by God to be the living and burning fire that gives life in these territories.

Matthew 5:14 says you are the illumination of the world; you are a city set on the mountains,

on the territories of the nations... that cannot be concealed.


There are factors that work continuously and constantly to resist, to block off, to conceal and to extinguish the light of God’s agenda... to stop you. It is time to take your place in your world and rule according to the plans and purposes of the Creator God.


Testimonies from our previous sessions...

Dr. Kemi Jorge Oyewusi is a seasoned instructor and life coach.


Her series of teaching workshops further brightened my ideas of self branding and articulate delivery as a teacher and brought visible change to my school.


Spiritually,her style of in-depth teachings of God's word centred around becoming like CHRIST fired my passion on spiritual growth and development.


Akintola Mabel - Nigeria.

My first session with Dr Kemi Jorge-Oyewusi was a Life Skills/Presentation Skills course in 2018 oh my God, how electrifying it was to hear the sound of words coming out of her. Her sessions were powerful, distinct and clear. She was and always is a total core professional.


Being a PR Executive, I expect so much from a coach and trust me she blew my mind as it went totally beyond my expectations.

Favour Kelechukwu-Brown

PR Executive  -  Abuja, Nigeria.

I became spiritually attentive to Apostle Kemi Jorge after reading the Beautiful Tombs.


Before coming across the book, I was thirsty for more, not just any more, but the truth.


I received the truth, one bathed with fire. I have since undergone training under her tutelage (WRITE4LIGHT-School of His Will), and it was first things first, with my best session on all four sessions of Unlocking Territories.


It was amazingly structured and with much depth-helping me to further discover my purpose and identity in Christ in a new dimension.



Feyikemi - Switzerland

The wings in the sun teaching and ministry have been like a breath of fresh air towards the latter part of the pandemic for me and many others.

You can feel that Mum Kemi spends real quality time with the LORD in her own time which allows her to dish out 5 course fresh manna spiritual meal every time.

The trademark of her ministry and teachings is a call to deeper intimacy with JESUS. They really strongly inspire, challenge and beckon anyone under it to really want to go deeper in their own personal endeavour to seek the LORD’s face and spend quality time at His feet. It certainly has done so for me and I have grown sitting under those fantastic life changing transformative teachings.

Recently there has opportunities to ask questions which has made it even more interactive. So I’ll recommend it to anyone.


Brother Samuel Braga Tavares - UK

Who Can Attend?

  • Entrepreneurs
  • Missionaries
  • Evangelists
  • Visionaries
  • Leaders
  • Church planters
  • Heads of organisations
  • Shepherds
  • Thought Leaders
  • Influencers of Innovation
  • Parents
  • Intercessors

Dr Kemi Jorge-Oyewusi is a wife and a mother, she is also a renowned Elocutionist, an Educational Consultant, a Teacher Trainer, a Training Consultant, a Life Coach, a Mentor and more. Dr Kemi Jorge is CEO SHINEXCEL COMMUNICATIONS and SHINEXCEL TUTORS. She is Coordinator  - Living Aligned Manifesting Purpose, L.A.M.P. and Coordinator - Prayers of Intercession Network, POINT Network. Together with her husband, she directs - Zarephath Shelter Initiative, she shepherds - LightSource Israel Nation and also The Beauty Parlour Ministries.


She is a teacher and mentor to students and teachers in schools across the nations. Her papers on are accessed for use from about 80 countries of the world. She is a prolific writer and has authored and published quite a number of books with published work on the world's biggest online book store, (she also publishes under the pseudonym Magda King).


Dr Kemi Jorge has been making tremendous impact in the area of Human Development and Personal Development for decades - with fruitful and successful years of interventions, training and mentoring with students, individuals, executives, public/private institutions, ministries and corporate organisations.


Her passion as a life-coach has helped and encouraged many to discover and recover their innate abilities and to also receive equipping with appropriate communication skills and life skills that give expression to originality and a well defined personality; consequently building and encouraging individual esteem, assertiveness, comportment and productivity.


As an Apostle of Jesus Christ, The Lord has released on her the grace, the anointing and the territorial authority and territorial intelligence to be used to lead, to mentor and to anoint into leadership and governance - God’s choice desire for communities and for nations. Her ministry work is centred on discipleship, prayer Intercession and spiritual intervention - to establish The Creator's desire and pattern for various territories of Africa, Europe and beyond.

Dr Kemi Jorge


The Training Manual contains the course content and the exercises for the training. It is a basic requirement. Remember to:

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